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AJD AGRO is a proud owner of one of the most modern and efficient machine parks in the country., ensuring the full range of agricultural activities from production to its realization. At the moment the harvesters are seven of the highest class largest models on the market. There ate two tractors in the class above 500 hp, equipped with all the necessary inventories – disc harrows, cultivators, ploughs, etc. And three tractors in class above 300 hp and also ten tractors in class above 200 hp. All of the machines are equipped with high-end GPS technology for precision farming. There are 5 fertilizer machines, two sprayers, one of which is self-propelled. Besides this machinery park we also have fifteen smaller tractors up to 100 hp each. For the technical coverage of the production of alfalfa there are two fully equipped green lines, including mowers, rotary rakes, tedders, balers and self-loading wagons for bulk alfalfa and bales. This technocal park of the company allows seamlessly processing on time of more than 10000 hectares of land. This fact gives us the ability to work in service to other farmers.

Types of services offered:

  • All types of agricultural cultivation ( ploughing, cultivating, disc ripping, rolling, no till )
  • Planting and sowing
  • Agrochemical services
  • All types of harves
  • Alfalfa and weeds cutting, baling and collecting
  • Straw baling
  • Preperation of seeds, seedling and stock production cleaning
  • Express analysis of specifications of grains and oilseeds – The types of specifications measured are protein, moisture, falling number, oil content in rapeseeds and sulfower, etc.
  • Mobile grain storage