Business diversification:

After many successful years in grain and oilseeds producing, and following more than 6 years of research and numerous visits to different facilities in Spain, Italy, USA & Canada, in 2015 the management of the company has decided to invest into alfalfa processing plant for producing high-quality dehydrated alfalfa & pellets.

Currently, the alfalfa plant of the company is one of the newest and most technically advanced in Europe. The alfalfa is delivered in bulk from the field and then is carefully dehydrated, using natural gas as fuel. This process is preserving all the quality and nutrients in the alfalfa, which results in a high quality, tasty, nutrient-dense forage. A big part of the product is baled and another part is pelleted.

Quality, safety, traceability:

The processing plant has an integrated HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system, making it possible to identify specific hazards and measures to control them, with the aim of ensuring that products are harmless for animal consumption. The system for control is under constant review and complies with EC regulations and responds to the requirements of the most demanding customers.

AJD Agro’s quality system guarantees total traceability of its products, at any stage of production, from reception of raw materials to manufacture and storage, right up to delivery at the final destination. In order to guarantee complete product traceability all of the bales are tagged. A label with a unique identification number is attached, resulting in a total internal and external tracking of the products, full control from the seed to your farm, at any given time.

With the strict protocol for traceability in place our customers can rest assured that they are consistently getting high quality and safe products.

The company has its own laboratory, equipped specifically for alfalfa and forages. A full control of the raw materials is implemented. The bulk alfalfa is separated by quality and moisture. The final products are also analysed during production and then segmented by types and qualities in the storage facilities.

AJD Agro Ltd. is cooperating with certified laboratories in Bulgaria, Europe and USA. Regular physical, chemical, contamination, non-GMO tests and analyses are performed. Additional, more complex analyses can be performed on request by the customers.