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AJD AGRO Ltd. is a company with many years of traditions and experience in modern and effective production of the following grain, feed and technical crops :

  • wheat – milling and feed
  • barley – malting and feed
  • corn
  • rapeseed
  • sunflower

In our plants we are operating our own drying and cleaning facilities, which guarantees the quality of the production.

The company also has modern, well-equipped laboratory for analysis and quality control of the production. With the help of “hand-harvesters” samples are being taken directly from the fields, right before harvest. This allows us to choose and harvest in the most perfect moment and separate and store our production by quality. Since 5 yeras we've been applying the most innovative technology for mobile grain storage – in industrial grain bags (silobags), which also helps us separate the production in different lots.

The location of our plants makes us very attractive to Bulgarian and foreign customers and traders.

In addition we also offer transport of our production. The company is a licensed haulier of cargos in Bulgaria.Also, since 2013 AJD AGRO owns a license for international transport of cargos.