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Our fields of alfalfa spread on more than 1500 hectares of land, which makes us the largest alfalfa producer in Bulgaria. At the time, the alfalfa takes 1/3 of all of our fields and the plan is to expand the fields of alfalfa with every year. The big amount of arable land allows us to make the correct crop rotation, which guarantees us the optimal results.

We believe that growing, processing and delivery of quality alfalfa for anmial feed starts with the good work on the field. The attention we pay to the details in the production process is the key to our success. The team of expert agronomists takes care of achieving it. We believe and follow the tradition that agriculture is and should be a family business.

Time is everything for us. Our field operators work hard for many hours – they plant, fertilize, cut and collect the alfalfa in the right moment.

The high quality alfalfa is a product of the long and heavy hours of work of our qualified specialists. Their main goal is to produce and deliver a better product for our customers.

We are proud with the specialized machinery park for forages, consisting of mowers, rotary rakes, tedders, balers, loader wagons, etc., all of which are needed for the harvest of the crops on time.

After collecting the alfalfa, we carefully sort it, do quality control and separate it by lots by qualities.


In 2017 we built the only factory in Bulgaria to process alfalfa. We dehydrate alfalfa and produce high quality, highly-compressed bales. Next year we expect to install a pellet production line. At each stage of the production process a team of experienced specialists monitors the quality of production. The production stages are as follows:

Harvesting alfalfa during the optimal stage of growth in order to achieve excellent nutritional values ​​(protein, fiber, etc.) Dehydration by natural gas. In this way a constant quality is maintained due to the minimal loss of leaves and constant moisture, which allows safe storage of the product. The heat treatment in the dryer guarantees disinfection of the forage, ie. the end product is free from any fungus, pests and diseases.

We produce bales with a moisture content of up to 12% and of different sizes and weights, the largest weighing 750-860 kg. With dimensions 800mm / 1175mm / 2200mm – perfectly suitable for loading in 40 "HQ containers. We also produce 800mm / 1175mm / 1100mm, 370-430kg bales suitable for smaller farms. On request, we also produce sun-dried alfalfa. The high-compression bales we produce allow for the transport of large quantities to territorially distant markets of this so valuable to the normal development and growth of livestock feed. Our pure, quality alfalfa is invaluable food for high-yielding dairy cows, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, camels, rabbits and other animals. Our production and storage capacity enables us to provide timely, year - round, regular deliveries.

We produce highly compressed bales (and soon pellets) with excellent parameters for protein, fiber, moisture etc. at affordable, competitive prices. Some of the main benefits of our dehydrated alfalfa are:
  1. We cultivate alfalfa on our own fields, which allows us full control of the product.
  2. High protein content due to very low leaf loss.
  3. Constant moisture of the product.
  4. Due to the dehydration process, we can guarantee that the alfalfa is free from any fungus, pests, diseases, mold, etc.
  5. Lower transport costs compared to other alfalfa bales due to high compression.