A few words about us:

AJD Agro Ltd. is a private, family-owned-and-managed agribusiness company established in 2001.

In the following two decades the company has achieved an exponential growth and today it is one of the top agricultural businesses and the leading alfalfa producer in Bulgaria.

The location of the company’s facilities is excellent – in the heart of Bulgaria – Letnitsa town, which is situated 160 km northeast of the capital Sofia, 280 km west of the largest export port – Varna, 58 km south of the river port of Svishtov on the Danube river and 100 km south of Ruse and the Danube Bridge, bordering Bulgaria and Romania.

The quiet town of Letnitsa is the birth place of the founder of the company - Dimitar Machuganov, a well-known and respected name in the agricultural sector of Bulgaria. During the years Mr. Machuganov has won many prizes, some of them are:

  • Most combinative farmer of 2007
  • Grain producer of the year for 2009
  • Eurofarmer of Bulgaria for 2012

Dimitar Machuganov has always fought for the rights of the agricultural producers in Bulgaria. He has served as the Chairman of the Lovech Grain Producers Association for 9 years. He is also one of the founders of the largest agricultural association in Bulgaria – the National Grain Producers Association.

“Agriculture is one of the noblest endeavours, because by planting a seed in a plain field you give birth to a life from the ground and you also contribute to feeding the world.”

Dimitar Machuganov

A business for generations:

Andrei Machuganov, the son of the founder has been involved in the company for many years. During this time, he has adapted to the working environment and policies and has contributed to the success and development of the company by implementing new technologies and by successfully introducing the products of AJD Agro to different countries and markets all over the world. He is taking part in all segments of the business – farming, processing, marketing and sales. Andrei is currently serving as the Sales & Marketing Manager of the company.

He is happily married and strives to teach his children to follow and join the family business.

The future:

AJD Agro’s main facilities in the town ot Letnitsa lie on a site of 20 hectares. This allows the company to expand and invest more in different product and different packaging lines and wear houses. Due to the excellent conditions in the country, the company’s aim is to expand arable land and the alfalfa and forage business and to invest in more plants for alfalfa and forages processing in key agricultural regions in Bulgaria.