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We are in the private held business since 1992. In 2001 we did our first serious investments in the agricultural sector. Before this we were doing wholesale trading of industrial electrical equipment and components.

Today we are a family company with more than 15 years of experience in the agricultural business. We started with 9 hectares of hereditary land and grew to more than 5 500 hectares in 13 villages in Central Northern Bulgaria.

During the years we achieved a lot – we increased our arable land, accomplished many EU projects and regularly modernized our machinery park.

The manager of AJD AGRO Ltd. was rewarded “Most combinative farmer” in 2007. He also took the prize of “Grain producer of the year” in 2009. Between the many awards he also won “Eurofarmer of Bulgaria” in 2012. Dimitar Machuganov serves as a chairman of the Lovech Grain Producers Association for 8th mandate. He is also a member of the Board of Management of the National Grain Producers Association.

But the biggest reward for all of us is the trust of the thousands of people, who entrusted their land to us, knowing we will do our best to take care and keep it in best conditions.

Thanks to our loyal team, we manage to cope with the hard work of managing the land and the production. In AJD AGRO we have around 60 specialists, some of them are with us since the establishment of the company. We are one of the most respected employers in the region.

There are three main bases, and the machinery park is the pride of the company. The location of our warehouses is excellent – in the heart of Bulgaria – Letnica town, which is situated 180 km northeast of Sofia, 270 km west of the largest export port – Varna, 58 km south of the river port of Svishtov on the Danube river and 100 km south of Ruse and the Danube Bridge, bordering Bulgaria and Romania.

In AJD AGRO Ltd. we constantly strive to develop and upgrade our own production by implementing new technics and technologies for modern, effective and sustainable agriculture.

Thanks to the modern machinery park of the company and the knowledge and skills of the team the more than excellent financial results achieved over the past years are an undeniable fact. The company is audited and the financial results are public.

AJD AGRO Ltd. has been a subject of agricultural forums, demonstrations, presentations, foreign visits from all over the world, agri tourism for the purpose of exchange of experience. Traditionally, our plants are being visited by huge groups of foreign farmers groups. To be always up to date with the novelties on the market, the management team visits annualy the global agricultural forums and exhibitions.